How Much Does Linkedin Recruiter Cost?

At Bruce Recruiting, we interact with a lot of fellow recruiters and we hear this question a lot: how much does Linkedin Recruiter cost?

It’s a good question and an important question, because LinkedIn Recruiter is a very powerful tool for recruiters. We use it and you can use it to make specific searches for your ideal job candidates. You can search by location, job title, years of experience, skills, graduation year range, and much more. And, you can message those candidates directly from LinkedIn Recruiter. Sounds great, right? Yes, but it is not cheap:

LinkedIn Recruiter costs around $1,000 per month per user

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite costs around $110 per month per user

It is worth it if you have a business that can support this cost and effectively use the tool to maximize your own revenue. If you are routinely recruiting 5+ candidates successfully per month, then paying for this tool is probably worth it.

There are some free alternatives out there, like PureBold. PureBold allows you to quickly and easily search for job candidates for absolutely free. Just type in a job title, skill set, etc. that you are looking for and it will bring up candidates matching that data.

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