The Best San Diego Staffing Agencies

I’ve spent most of my career in the San Diego county market and particularly in the staffing industry. Therefore, over time, I’ve interacted with dozens of different recruiters and staffing agencies. I can tell you with confidence, that PureBold is the best San Diego staffing agency and in this article I will explain why.

What is a Staffing Agency Anyways?

Staffing agency exist to connect companies needing to hire with the candidates they need to hire. That’s it in a nutshell. Agencies can also help candidates improve their marketability by helping them with their resume and things of that nature. So essentially a staffing agency or employment agency is a middle man between client companies and job candidates. There are some people at the agency who strictly work with companies. That means they will meet with these company clients and learn about their hiring needs and then be a liaison for that company.

Other employees of the staffing company will work strictly with candidates. Typically these people are called “recruiters”. They are constantly contacting, talking to, and meeting new job candidates. The recruiters work with the client representatives to collectively find people and get them to the company for interviews. If the client decides to hire a candidate, they pay the staffing agency a fee for referring/finding that person.

What Makes One Employment Agency Better Than Another?

This is a tricky question. Mainly, being such a people business, it’s the people. The people who work at the staffing agency make the biggest difference. Although there have been some advancements in terms of tools available to recruiters, most agencies have the same tools. So it comes down to who uses the tools best, and who has the best people skills in general. Who is the best at acquiring customers, serving customers, and delivering the right candidates? Doing that requires a combination of intelligence, hustle, and integrity. Along with every other key soft skill like communication, empathy, listening ability, speaking ability, etc.

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